Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Election impact: Why is DLF underperforming?

Election impact: Why is DLF underperforming?
Indian equity market already looks to be celebrating the election outcome and expecting NarendraModi to be the next PM.
It seems expectations are high and next 6 months will be extremely crucial to see if Modi Sarkar, given the opportunity, is able to deliver or not. In prior election Nifty and Sensex had a circuit up closing in expectation of UPA government to deliver and this time the pre – election rally has been strong enough so far in expectation of NDA government to deliver. Case in point is the emotions that are going to elect the prime ministerial candidate this time are similar to emotions that are driving the prices of stock market. The 6 long years of bear market since 2008 onwards are clearly reflecting the frustration and strong emotional sentiments prevailing among the masses. Post such long period of sideways correction people wants radical change and it can clearly be seen with the slogans ongoing across the street “ABKI BAAR MODI SARKAR” We are not promoting or endorsing our preferences here but simply highlighting shift in Emotions which is currently seen!
Coming back to Equity market, a stock that has clearly underperformed and gave away the gains of rally is DLF.
After touching the highs of 185 the stock has been moving lower and has now given away exact 61.8% of its prior gain. The reason why this stock has not participated is again related to the event – ELECTIONS OUTCOME. It is assumed or rather predicted by equity market victory by BJP. During such scenario DLF that is speculated to have links with Vadra, connected to an extent with existing ruling government, will be the major loser in real estate space. Now, trading based on news will not yield any return because it does not help with timing and who knows to what extentDLF will suffer that too if opposing party forms the government. There is lot of “IF” associated for someone speculating based on news.
Even during such times it is better to stick with charts that show how prices have been moving and the crucial support levels. Above 60 mins chart of DLF, clearly reflects that prices are moving in downward sloping red channel and as long as this simple channel is intact trend continues to be negative. Break above 160 will be first sign of reversal which will indicate that the traders are now giving up on the news based speculation. On other side break below 150 will extend the downtrend further as it will break the Fibonacci 61.8% level as well! This information should be used to trade objectively rather than speculating the many “IFs”
Trade objectively and systematically, technical analysis and Elliott wave might not be always give expect output but it atleast has the ability to give objectivity to the trading decision with crucial risk management and stop levels, If you are wrong be out with short losses and trust me when you get on the right side of trend it will pay off for your hard work and money. It is better to base your trading decision on objective techniques rather than speculating on mere news or event outcome! Subscribe “The Financial Waves short term update” and see yourself the crucial levels which will decide the trend ahead on Nifty and stocks! Contact US for more details.

Monday, April 21, 2014

What is wrong with India VIX? Understanding Nifty pattern!

What is wrong with India VIX? Understanding Nifty pattern!

Volatility index (VIX) measures the complacency or anxiety of traders. We have been keeping a tab on this index for quite sometime to understand the medium term indication. On 17th April morning research report we published the following:

As mentioned earlier VIX has still continued to rise and has now reached above 31 levels. This level was previously seen in August 2013 and during the fall of 2011. An important observation is that this time VIX is increasing not with the down move but has reached this level during the entire up move from 6100 to 6815 levels. Also as can be seen on the above VIX chart there is absolute no interruption in trend. Food for thought is NSE started VIX futures trading from 26th Feb and the index was then at 13.50 levels. It is difficult to digest an uninterrupted rise from 13.50 to 31 levels that too along with up move in Nifty exactly after the launch of VIX futures. Is it a mere coincidence or the traders are simply pushing VIX higher without any justification? Normally a rise of such magnitude is a strong warning sign for rally but …….

VIX has jumped today as well by 25% and touched the highs of 38 in morning session. Trade Cautiously! However, it also becomes important to understand the pattern Nifty is forming in order to get high conviction trade setups.

Nifty and Volatility index index: data as on 17th April

Nifty 60 mins chart:

Elliott wave analysis:

From trading perspective it is very important to understand the pattern. Following is probably one of the patterns Nifty is forming mentioned in today’s morning research report:

Nifty managed to protect 6650 level on Thursday and reversed back above 6720 very quickly. Little respect for important resistance levels like 6720 – 6750 indicates a triangle formation. Triangles are very challenging to trade and break important trendline supports and resistance but just to move in sideways action without producing any desired impact. Similar behavior is observed currently. Firstly prices broke below the month long blue support channel on Wednesday and then again moved back above this and immediate resistance levels. So there is high likelihood a triangle pattern is under formation.

In addition to above we have also show Elliott wave counts with alternate possibility along with Time cycles and other indicators like Bollinger Bands®. A special Video update about Nifty is also released explaining the current market scenario.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Video introducing Equity research report

Overview on our flagship product - The Financial Waves short term update covering Nifty and 3 stocks. Services offered by Waves Strategy Advisors. For more details visit

Infosys result announcement but moved as per Elliott wave!

Infosys announced its 4th quarter results yesterday. In morning itself before the announcement we published our view on this stock with key levels to watch. Today morning we published crucial levels and direction of TCS. To subscribe to this daily equity research report "The Financial Waves short term update" along with view on Nifty visit

Infosys Daily chart: 

Infosys 120 mins chart:
The below article is picked up from daily research report published on 15th April 2014 morning before Equity market opened.

Wave Analysis:
IT bellwether Infosys quarterly result is due today. From the start of March 2014, stock has corrected from 3850 to 3160 levels and currently arrived near the crucial levels. The big Gap in middle is when Infosys declared the quarter from Jan to March 2014 can see subdued growth. So the negative news should already be factored into the price.

As shown in daily chart, from mid April 2013 prices started to move higher in form of impulsive structure. During this span, stock started its journey from 2200 levels and touched life time high of 3850 in mid of March 2014. After that, prices showed sharp correction and hovering near 38.2% retracement level of the prior up move. Even in the Friday’s trading session, stock momentarily broke this important level but later recovered sharply from the lows.

As per Elliott wave perspective, the down move from the highs is clearly divided in 5 waves and the stock is trading at the matured stage of correction as RSI indicates positive divergence. However at current level, we do not have any positive price confirmation.

As shown in 120 mins chart, prices have been moving in the downward sloping red channel and in last trading session, stock exactly closed at the resistance of the channel. As per wave perspective, any faster move above 3280 followed by 3360 levels, will suggest that wave a is complete and wave b started on upside. Money Flow index is showing triple positive divergence and also arrived near the level of 20 from where it has reversed many times. However, any move below 3150 level will suggest extension of correction.

In short, Infosys is trading at make or break level. Any move above 3280 will break ii-iv trendline in faster time and provide first positive confirmation and break above 3360 will open up further positive possibilities towards 3580/3600 levels.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sensex weekly update in Economic Times section of NavBharat Times

Weekly Outlook on Sensex by Ashish Kyal, CMT of Waves Strategy Advisors in Economic Times section of Navbharat Times. 

Sensex Movement:

Sensex continued to move higher over past few weeks and has managed to achieve the mark above 22500 levels from the lows of 20000 seen in early February 2014. The strong performance came from PSU Banks and interest sensitive sectors. The major trend as of now remains positive as long as 22000 level is protected.

Relative Performance:
The relative performance shows that since February 2014 Bank Nifty & Realty index has strongly outperformed. PSU banks like SBI, PNB, Bank of Baroda has given very strong returns. During the same period IT, Pharma and FMCG were laggards and underperformed Nifty and Sensex. The rally this time is led by high beta stocks and sectors which shows increase in risk appetite and is a positive indication.

Result season: Technology companies have underperformed and the eye will be on Infosys results to be declared today. On 13th March Infosys shares fell by nearly 9% as company expected poor growth in January – March quarter. It will be important to see IT major results today along with future growth forecast which will set the tone for other IT companies. Better than expected result and guidance might help IT index to recover from the worse performing sector over past few months.

Impact of IIP data: Index of Industrial production data was declared on Friday evening after equity markets closed. The data was disappointing and came at -1.9 % against consensus estimates of 0.9. This data is for the past performance and markets try to discount the future. So we think this might have some negative impact but only for short period of time and then the major trend which is currently up should resume. WPI and Inflation data to be declared will also result into short term volatility on markets. It will be important to see if markets can rally on back of negative news which will indicate strong positive sentiments.

Decline in Gold and Silver imports: Gold and Silver imports declined by nearly 40% in 2013 – 14. This can be contributed by the steps taken by Government by ways of import duty but also to the underperformance of Gold over past many months when the prices have constantly fallen. During this period, the commodity futures volume has fallen by 40% and Volumes on Gold futures also fell by nearly 25%. This clearly indicates lack of interest by market participants in Gold that has given strong returns until 2013 for a decade. It seems Indian love for Gold is on a decline.

In a nutshell, this week will be very crucial due to start of Election voting, result season along with Inflation data and impact of Global market. Sensex has very important support of 22200 levels on downside. Any move above 22800 amidst all the events will resume the uptrend strongly and index will again touch new life time highs. Trade cautiously during this period of events!

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nifty Fractal nature and impulse wave possibility

The below gist is a part of "The Financial Waves short term update" published today morning. To view the complete report with detailed analysis and Elliott wave counts subscribe now by visiting 

Bottom Line: Nifty showed strong momentum yesterday and closed at life time high levels. If this is indeed an impulse wave the rally should continue atleast for few weeks more from here!

 Nifty 60 mins chart:

Nifty 60 mins: Scenario 3 - Strong Bullish possibility

Wave Analysis:

Nifty had a Gap up opening of nearly 30 points and prices managed to protect the Gap which is seen after a long time. As mentioned earlier there was never a Gap up opening which was not filled until yesterday. The strong performance was seen in the 2nd half when the index rallied by almost 100 points in mere few hours and decisively took out 6775 levels on closing basis. The strong momentum seen yesterday along with Midcap and Small sectors up by more than 2% is suggesting there is much more room left on upside and understanding different scenarios has become extremely crucial.

The weekly chart with 2 possibilities ......Nifty daily chart shows 2 different plausible counts.  (shown in actual report)

Nifty 60 mins chart shows all the 3 different scenarios very clearly. The 1st chart shows either an ongoing complex correction or an impulsive move and wave v has started. The problem with this Scenario 2 is that both waves ii and iv are very similar running correction. 

Fractal Structure: The structure and pattern looks exactly same and such behavior is known as Fractal nature of markets. For a valid impulse structure wave ii and wave iv should alternate in as many ways as possible and over here there is only time alternation i.e. wave iv has taken more time compared to wave ii but the pattern, complexity and structure looks very similar. This increases the odds and need for Scenario 3 details of which are as follows:

Scenario 3: This is a very important scenario and is fitting the confusing environment very well. In our previous update we highlighted about a possibility of running correction. There is high likelihood that this running correction is wave 2 and wave 3 on upside has just started. Also none of the indicators were giving buy signal because wave b of 2 was ongoing in form of running correction (A running correction has wave b traveling much beyond end of wave a and wave c truncating above the start of wave a). Also this wave b of 2 produced strong negative divergences on hourly scale and market obliged by falling from near 6750 to 6650 levels (however minor the fall is the indicator did produce its impact and now its outcome is complete). Minor wave c was only 100 points which was retraced yesterday in merely 3 hours. The indicators didn’t give buy signals all the while from 6550 to 6750 as the momentum was slow and overlapping as it was wave b. This synchronizes the indicators, channeling move and wave counts. Also wave 2 has taken exactly same time to the point as wave 1. So if this is indeed start of wave 3 next 1 week should see strong Gap up moves which are unfilled during the day. 

From trading perspective, ............In a nutshell, the short term trend is ......................

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Friday, April 4, 2014

USDINR: Predicting as per Elliott wave theory!!

The below article is picked up from "The Financial Waves Forex update" by Waves Strategy Advisors. For subscription to this report visit
On the back of upside rally in Indian markets which touched life time highs in the month of March 2014, USDINR appreciated and moved lower towards 60 levels. 
If we see, the movement of USDINR from last 2 months is very much like sideways to negative action. During this environment, trading becomes challenging as big moves and high volatility disappears from the market.
In the past we observed that whenever USDINR appreciates, on the back of it news come that RBI have been selling dollars and taking various steps to prevent the rupee fall. On the other side when its starts to depreciate, then again media come to the domestic factors like CAD, Fiscal Deficit, etc. has been increasing and things like that. Now, question arises is this really important from trading perspective? Trading requires objective techniques rather than betting on luck or news!
We have been applying Advanced Elliott wave theory with basic technical analysis on various asset classes. Below research was sent to our paid subscribers of “The Forex Waves Short Term Update” dated 26th March 2014, where short term path for USDINR was shown.
Anticipated on 26th March, 2014:
USDINR 30 mins chart spot:
Happened on 2nd April, 2014:
USDINR 30 mins chart spot:
As expected, On 2nd April 2014, prices exactly made lows at 59.95 levels which we anticipated earlier and bounced back sharply on upside. This sharp move on upside has taken less time. So, what will be the next trend in USDINR. To ride the next wave of INR Pairs and get short to medium term forecast subscribe to “The Forex Waves Short Term Update” now and avail 30% discount on annual subscription. For more information visit pricing page.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nifty scenario analysis!

The below article is picked up from "The Financial Waves short term update" by Waves Strategy Advisors. For subscription to daily research reports visit

Bottom Line: Nifty continued to have a Gap up opening, fill it on intraday and close near the highs. Nifty other scenario analysis shows alternate possibilities as even Reliance Industries has now closed above 950 levels! 

Nifty Weekly chart: Scenario analysis 

Nifty daily chart: Scenario 1
Nifty daily chart: Scenario 2
 Nifty 60 mins chart: as per Scenario 1
Wave Analysis:

In previous update we mentioned that“Market reaction to RBI policy will be crucial. This time bond yields have actually eased from near 9% to 8.88% indicating there should not be any rate hike. In short, the trend is positive as long as prices does not close below 6630 – 6650. Volatility can be high based on above mentioned event and Time cycle today.”

Interestingly, consecutive for 5 trading sessions Nifty had a Gap up opening with respect to previous day’s close and fill it almost instantly or within first few hours. Yesterday was no exception. Nifty opened near 6730 level with a Gap of around 26 points and immediately turned flat. The trading happened within the range of 6675 and 6730 but the intraday volatility was high as expected.

RBI maintained its status quo and did not change key policy rates. This was in lines with majority expectations but still Bank Nifty started showing weakness and closed more than a percent lower. The high made by Nifty during opening hour was exactly on the hourly cycle.

As shown on daily chart, prices have still not formed a lower low nor close below previous day’s low. As long as this structure is intact the trend will remain positive. Close below yesterday’s low near 6670 will be first sign of weakness. We are also showing Moving average difference indicator. This is a very simple tool to measure momentum. Any strong trend will result into short term average moving away from the longer term average. After the trend has run its course the short term average will mean revert and return back to the long term average. This will create a rhythmic expansion and contraction movement in this indicator. However, as shown the current up move from 6490 has failed to move this short term average sufficiently away from the bigger average and so we are getting series of negative divergence on this indicator.

As shown on hourly chart, RSI has continued to produce series of negative divergence and the upside momentum has been faltering. Unless we see break above the blue channel the current wave structure that prices are in wave c of 3rd correction remains valid. Break of 6630 will further confirm this scenario.

In short, so far the trend is up as Nifty still did not close below previous day’s low. If the reversal does not happen in this week we will have to change various existing parameters since it will indicate the market dynamics valid since 2008 has now changed!

The daily research report contains Nifty and 3 different stocks with applied Elliott wave counts and short to medium term directions. Please visit for subscription options or register for free trial! For more details Contact US

Friday, March 28, 2014

Nifty: Astonishing alignment of Time Cycles, Channels, Momentum, Elliott wave & much more!

We have read about alignment of stars, alignment of planets, equinox, eclipses and more.
These are universal systems following well defined Time patterns. Here we are not evaluating whether these alignment produces impact on stock markets. I am not an expert to comment on this but only a believer of linkages between Equinox and stock markets.
Going to the topic directly the below shows classical alignment of important technical indicators and Time cycles. Alignment is an integral part of universe and so is in stock market!
Indian equity marketsare touching life time highs and making headlines. Everyday there are some stocks leading index higher. But the big question to ponder upon is to understand whether this is indeed start of next bull trend or just another trap for late entrants?
In today’s morning research report “The Financial Waves short term update”our flagship product - daily Equity newsletter we have shown classical alignment of many basic and advanced technical studies – Time Cycles, Channels, Momentum divergence, Elliott wave countsall are synchronized together. Such synchronizations are a rare event which probably occurs once in a year. Below gives a brief overview:
Bottom Line: Nifty continued to move higher on the last day of March series. It is arriving near the cluster of Time Cycles, Channel resistance, Momentum divergences.
Nifty daily chart:
(Elliott wave counts, levels, other details are purposely removed from above chart)
Wave Analysis:
Following is published today morning in “The Financial Waves short term update”See below the beauty of Technical alignment but let us just wait for prices to confirm:
Nifty continued to move higher and at one point broke above the resistance level of 6650 and touched 6670 levels but finally settling near 6640. Such movement cannot be ruled out on the expiry day and immediately following day i.e. today. We have observed reversals a day or 2 after expiry. We will not change our stand when the cluster of technical evidences are overwhelming and aligned together on the day of 1stApril. Following is the technical picture and such series of clusters were last seen during January 2013 top. However, price confirmation will be the key as mentioned earlier and unless we see a ……….. trend will be positive.
8 different technical indicators pointing to one thing– A classical alignment
1. 49 days Time Cycles:This is one of the most important daily Time cycles we have come across that has worked brilliantly for many months now. I have evaluated many cycles but the turning range as per this cycle is the most accurate so far………
2. 74 period Time cycles:The hourly chart shows 74 period Time cycle. This short term Time cycle also provides the turning dates after every 10 or 11 trading days. This is also due on ……. which is almost coinciding with ……. 2 very important Time cycles.
3. Daily and hourly RSI – Daily RSI has already reached important levels………
4. Important channel resistance:
5. Elliott wave structure:
6.Synchronization with USDINR
7.Breadth indicator – Advance Decline line
8.5 days of blue bar formation
In a nutshell, when so many technical parameters are aligned together does it mean to act now or wait for price confirmation? I think prices are supreme and is one parameter which has not confirmed so far. But we know what levels will bring this final ingredient of price in alignment with above.  
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

IPL match fixing and India Cement chart!

IPL match spot-fixing and betting scam by Chennai Super King has forced Supreme Court to askSrinivasan and other members who are related to India Cement to step down from their respective post from BCCI for free and fair probe.
Even more to this Chennai Super King might not be allowed to play IPL this time as his son-in-law has been indicted for passing inside information to bookies.
India Cements 60 mins chart:
But what is the outlook for stock?
The above chart clearly indicates that the stock is in downtrend since start of March and as long as this channel is intact the trend can continue on downside irrespective of the event associated. News can result into subjective decision making. For objectivity apply techniques mentioned above!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nifty and Reliance Industries correlation and breakout zone!

The below excerpt is picked up from "The Financial Waves short term update" by Waves Strategy Advisors. For subscription to daily research report visit

Date: 24th March 2014 morning report

Nifty formed an inside bar smaller than the previous bar. Reliance and Nifty both at crucial levels! Nifty levels to watch are at 6580 and 6430. The below research gives a brief overview on correlation between Reliance Industries and Nifty.

Nifty, Reliance and Ratio daily chart: 

Wave Analysis:

In previous update we mentioned that “In short, there is no change in our outlook as of now which is sideways to topping. Even the stocks are not providing a clear direction. Break of crucial levels shown on chart will determine the trend over short term and intensity of the movement will indicate medium term outlook”

Nifty continues to move in 35 to 40 points range. On Friday, the movement was confined between 6520 and low near 6485 thereby forming an inside bar. It has been 9 days and prices have swayed between 6575 and 6430 which is a movement of 135 points in totality. Saturday was a short trading session and hardly produced any movement.After the sharp up move of 3 to 4 days markets are ensuring to form a challenging trading environment. During sideways action the best technique that works is Bollinger bands and we have used it prudently. The short term wave counts have 2 to 3 different possibilities even now and channeling technique is suggesting there is not much room left on upside. Nevertheless looking at sideways action after sharp rise there is still a possibility that one minor leg towards 6580 – 6630 might be pending. On contrary, violent break of 6425 will indicate atleast retracement of the up move from 5980 to 6575 has started. A slow and sideways drift below 6425 will not carry much importance. So it will be important to see the intensity of move when 6580 or 6425 is broken.

Nifty and Reliance Industries correlation:

On the 1st chart we are showing similarity of pattern between Reliance Industries and Nifty. Both the stock and index looks to be forming a triangle pattern. This corrective pattern is ongoing since 2008 onwards. The reason of comparing the index with Reliance Industries is that we think this can be one of the stock which will be leading the index in next Bull Trend. So a breakout on RIL will indicate a breakout on index as a very high possibility. However, even this time RIL came close to the strong resistance zone near 910 – 930 and reversed back on downside. It has been more than a year since this stock is moving within the range of 770 – 930.

Reliance is forming a symmetrical triangle whereas Nifty is forming more of an ascending running triangle pattern. To get confirmation of triangle breakout we should see a sharp and violent rise after the breakout and if the momentum continues to be slow and dragging even if the trendline is broken we will look at it only as the part of the pattern formation.

Even though Reliance has been a major laggard post 2008 but the correlation has been very high with index with each major turning points happening within few months horizon. The ratio of Reliance / Nifty (red line) shows that the gradual reduction in slope of the fall indicating that thee underperformance has been constantly reducing. A break above 0.16 level will be first strong positive sign that Reliance has started the period of strong outperformance for months to come.

In short, expect a breakout to occur in this week as the sideways correction is already 9 days old. Also a close watch on Reliance Industries is imperative in case this stock leads the direction of movement for major market. Till that happens patience will be warranted!

The below excerpt is picked up from "The Financial Waves short term update" by Waves Strategy Advisors. For subscription to daily research report visit